Panda Studio 1/4 Scale Mystic Gohan PO

Sculptor: Ezequiel Politano

Concept Artist: Ezequiel Politano

Improve by Panda team

Material: PU + Resin

Scale: 1/4

Size: L45*D39*H57cm

Packaging: Art Box + Foam

Early Bird PO: $369 ($150 deposit) Rest payment $219

Color Model PO price: $469 ($169 deposit) Rest payment $300 will charged before sending.

Shipping payment will be paid before shipping by weight

ES: 300

PO Date: 2021 June

Delivery Date: 2021 Q4

Shipping fee: Before sending will charge shipping fee by weight.

Comes with COA, Art box, Two head replace.


Note:Please note this is a PO statute the deposit will not be refunded for any reason.

Panda Studio 1/4 Scale Mystic Gohan early bird PO