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Panda Studio 1/4 Scale Mystic Gohan Color ModelPO


About Peachgk

We are selling agents of studios. We cooperate with some reliable studios to help them international PO. We have our own warehouse which in HUIZHOU the most factory in that city. After PO we will keep track of information from buyers and studios. So the new information from the studio and new address update from the buyer we will take care of these. When the statue ready we will ship them to our warehouse and use our good shipping system to send them out internationally. Please feel free to contact us by email or Facebook. 

Quick & Easy to Warehouse

When the statue ready we will use our vehicle to pick them from the factory to our warehouse then follow the buyer's requirements to send them out to his address. Also we can stock it for buyer until has requires send them out. If long time stock it may charge some fees.


We have our own shipping system which cooperates with many shipping companies for example EMS DHL TNT and Sea shipping etc. It will has a good choice for you shipping your statue.

Member Prices Guaranteed

If you order from us. We have a member order point make sure you register member with us. So the point can use as money or future we can get a special offer which you can use point get good offers.